Our Love Story


Ivyn and I first met at work late 2014, so we were colleagues first. Around mid-2015, at one of our team out-of-town, I offered to use my car for team carpool but I can’t drive to the resort so Ivyn volunteered to be our driver. We learned that we both live nearby, that’s when Ivyn started offering to drive me home after work. We connected over our shared interest in coffee, beaches, travel and random stuff. We definitely clicked and we enjoy talking to each other.

One night, on our way home, as fate would have it, his car broke down. He got off the car and checked. I was just sitting on the passenger side that time. From outside, he walked to the passenger’s side, leaned his arm on the window, smiled and stared at me, then asked, “Okay ka lang?” (Are you okay?). It was simple and nonchalant, but that stare really caught me. It was like this ✨✨.  So that’s how it really started!


The first time Kisa caught my eyes was when she wore that nice little red dress. It caught me on the way she look so elegant wearing it.

The first time I tried to get close to her radar was when we have this big team outing. I tried all night to get close and to know her a bit, to hopefully be a blip in her sights.

I remember the time I use to offer her rides home, in hopes to kindle something out of nothing. Trying to prolong the connectedness, I would offer her ride home for time to time. This way I able to spent some talking time with her.


Fast forward to February 2016, on our visit to Pinto Art Museum, we just felt the feeling was right. We made our relationship official and we’ve been together ever since. We enjoyed each other’s company and travelled to many places locally and few abroad. Then the universe conspired once again and made our adventure more fun. In 2018, we both got job opportunities that let us move to Austin, Texas and live our own version of American dream.

We’ve also powered through a whole year of long distance, living halfway across the world. Then after a year of being apart, Kisa took a month of vacation, flew back home and that’s when Ivyn proposed, on our sunset boat ride in the island of Boracay, Philippines.💍I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

We are so excited to celebrate and share our love with our closest family and friends!

It’s the same day that we will be celebrating our 8th year together, which makes it extra special.✨